Katter’s Australian Party – a vote for us is a vote for you!
Katter’s Australian Party – a vote for us is a vote for you!
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My friends, the time has come when we must band together to fight.

Not just for a future we believe in, but one that is truly our own – for a free, happy, self sufficient and prosperous nation.

We believe KAP has the ability to fight the major parties to secure our future in the upcoming Queensland State election. However, to accomplish this, financial assistance is vital.

Within the past 12 months KAP has undergone some major changes, we are now squarely focused on the seats we can win in an effort to make every dollar and vote count.

This decision I believe is one of the best political decisions the party has ever made. If successful we will come to hold the balance of power in the QLD parliament. From that point on I have no doubt KAP will become a powerful political force in Australian politics.

But to do this we need your help! If each of our members donated even just $5.00 our message would have the ability to reach far and wide.

Your donation will place each of our passionate candidates in good stead for the future of our nation.

Thank you.

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