What To Do Immediately After A Road Accident?

Road accidents are very common, and on average, every driver faces at least 3 accidents in their lifetime. Here’s what you should do immediately after facing a road accident.


Do Not Drive Away From The Accident No Matter How Insignificant The Accident

You may be tempted to just take off if your accident was something insignificant, but this could be a huge mistake on your part. You will not only be unable to claim compensation for any damages to your vehicle you later find, you may also be falsely accused of bigger damage by the other party. So it’s always best to stop, and call the authorities just in case.


Check Yourself And Your Passengers To Make Sure You’re All Ok

Once you’ve stopped safely, first check yourself for injuries. If you feel unharmed, or if you feel fit enough to move, slowly check on the other passengers. Babies strapped into car seats need to checked thoroughly, but with gentle hands, as the straps may have tightened on impact.


Stay Calm, There’s No Need To Panic

Do not panic over ensuing fights or even injuries. Keeping a cool head will help you contact the necessary help, as well as keep the other parties involved. Do NOT engage in any sort of argument of settlement before you feel completely fine

Call The Police

This is a no brainer, but call the police!


Take Picture Of It All; Of All Vehicles And Injuries Involved

While you wait for the police, take picture of your injuries (if any) as well as the other party’s. You may also need to take pictures of the damage and area, to help you with your vehicle’s insurance.


Take Down Names And Addresses Of All Parties Involved Just In Case

This part is generally done by the authorities, but it doesn’t hurt to have their number and details; just in case. Don’t harass them for their details if they’re not willing to share it; they may have their reasons.


Give The Police The Truest Version Of The Accident, Even If It’s Your Fault

Do NOT sugar-coat or over-exaggerate the incident to the police. Be as accurate as possible, for the best and fastest results. Remember that they will have to verify whatever you tell them from onlookers and security cameras; so lying to them will not help you at all.


Seek The Advice Of A Lawyer If Required

If your accident is of the serious nature, or has cause huge damage, it’s always best to contact a local lawyer specializing in accidents. For example, Geelong and Bendigo have many talented legal professionals in this field, so this should not be difficult.


Seek Medical Help And Get Yourself Checked, Even If You All Seem Fine

It’s obvious that you’ll seek medical help if you’re seriously injured. However, we advise that you get a full checkup of yourself and all your passengers; just in case. Internal injuries will not show itself until much later; when it can be more dangerous.


Call In Your Insurance Company

If you haven’t already, now is the moment to call your vehicle’s insurance company. It’s not a bad idea to let them handle the police either; as they are more experienced with handling such situations. Be very sure to be very truthful and accurate with your insurance agent as well.

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